This is a surrender to the ego and vice. 

We are all the same. Fighting some inner battle. 

The light that animates our soul is rivaled by

The war we wage on our bodies. 

We are torn between love and fear. "Good and Evil." 

Angels one day and devils the next. 

In the end this is our memoir, for the devil is fleeting...




Five billion years ago

That's when I opened up my eyes and looked around

Five billion years ago

I was oh so lonely I reached inside myself

From the ocean I brought forth the gift of life

At first I thought it was an illusion 

That grew throughout the night

But in the morning I fell witness to an unfamiliar sight

My body was plagued with this cancer I called life...


My creation it never ceased

I was tormented by the resilience of the beast

It took the form of man throughout the years

The man began to hate and harbour fears

Fear gave way to the age of the New Machine

And it reprogrammed my vision and my dream

Once again my flesh was host to bloody war

All the peace I once remembered was no more


Five billion years ago

I was oh so lonely I reached inside myself

Five billion years ago

That's when I fucked up and lost to life







Pretty please, let's not make this an issue

In the back of your mind I know you want some too

So here's just a little bit for your first time

We don't want you to crash

You gotta get a grip, enjoy the ride

The euphoria you feel is quick to pass


Everybody's trying to give you a ride

But it feels too cheap come over to my side

I got the plans, the stash, the tricks

It's a long hard night and a lonely drive

So follow me we'll go hand in hand

Down the rabbit hole or across the sky

Can feel it rising?

Feel it





You're making me harder

You know I like when it's faster

So please slow it down just a bit

I've been aching to tease you and please you

Make you beg for it


I know that we must abstain from immorality

Flee from sins, from this debauchery

We must put aside this desire

This lustful impurity

But the fruit it's sweet and so hard to deny

When I'm breathing you in and believing your lie

When your fingers they linger my temperature's high

And I'm falling

Lover you got me coming

Yes I'm falling and coming for you




Reality is taking the best of me captive

I need a new vice

Because the drugs are overrated

And the sex is complicated

I need a new vice


I'm gonna crash I need to get a grip of my friends

So we can slay it on a Saturday night

I'm getting one step closer to my surrogate home 

Where the music consumes every doubt that I'm right


Hello pretty stranger

Nice to meet you what's your poison?

Can I lend you a hand?

How could I've forgotten that I met you just last weekend?

Of course the wild one night stand

Forgive me my confusion is result of my consumption

I'll do the very best I can

To remember your name, to remember your face

To remember the way your body moves on the floor


Their faces are nameless in the neon lights

But they love me


I found a new vice




Too much style for this little town

The city's calling


Why does every motherfucker in this joint

Talk shit about the way I dance

You best keep a close watch on your little girl

Because she's trying to get up in my pants

Tell me what that says about the way you groove

Or lack thereof

When it's me showing her how an ass can move

Will you please just show me some love?


The tension is getting thick in here

I can tell in your eyes that you're seething with rage

At the fact that I'm some kind of queer

What's the problem then?

You gotta ask yourself now son

What is it about the people that I fuck 

That makes you want to get up and run?

Is my dick too big?

Are my pants too tight?

Is it hard for you to not look at me?

Are you still trying to put up a fight?


Too much style for this little town

The city's calling




Walking the streets, baby, up and down

Fearing for the end of the day

I catch a glimpse of myself in every mirror and window

And every other shiny surface coming my way

And I ain't quite what I used to be

With all these years of sin hanging over me

We're all helpless trying to stop the sands of time

We're all helpless


And I'm dying

A little more and more each day

Yes I'm crying

Because my canvas is cracking

Yes I'm dying

From the sun and the booze

I'm never ready to lose

And I'm crying

Because the paint on my canvas

Is fading away




You gotta put your dreams aside

Quit wasting all my time

I know you got a lot of great ideas

But they never bring home the paper


Come down from that cloud 

Where you've been gambling with your soul

Just to find out how the game would end

If you were in control

Still I wait with empty pockets 

'Cause you promised me the day

That I would wake up in designer sheets

And never have to pay



You said that time could only tell

What the future brings for you and me

Where's my faith?

How did this obsession take over me?


You gotta put your dreams aside

Quit wasting all my time

I know you got a lot of great ideas

But they never bring home the paper

I want the paper

I want the paper

I want the power




What shall I do with you all?

You're polluting their heads

You're creeping around with your agenda

Defacing the sanctity of what we hold in highest regard

The foundation I tried so hard to build 

Is crumbling under my feet

The terror is spreading

Look what you've done

You try convincing them

That we have not won


But your ploy for peace has fallen only on deaf ears

And the blind alone have seen your

Vision of a love that's without fear


Here I am to turn a new leaf

Once again we will be great

Because the love you speak of is

Weak against an army full of hate


Only I can save you from yourselves

Only I can take away the fear you feel

Only I can deliver you from evil

Only I posses the power to heal

What's broken down


We're marching on...






The memory starts to fade

I reach down in my soul

Try to remember

But the faces all changed and shifted places

Back and forth through time

And I lost you

Along the way


Do you remember when you were young?

When the illusion you tried to pass as truth consumed you?

When you were blinded by scripture and Sunday hatred

And prayed for the strength to renounce

All that you couldn't change?


It's stirring inside of me

I can't contain the truth much longer

The revelation

This sweet surrender

I see the Light


The veil's been lifted

All the fear and all the pain will fall away

The veil's been lifted

All the love and all the hate is all the same

The veil's been lifted

From ancient past to future dreams

We'll meet again

The veil's been lifted

I see the light in you

The veil's been lifted

I see the Light


The Light...